• Member of HAS Trading Family, and focus on paint protection film solutions.


HAS-PPF is a brand of the paint protection solutions held by HAS Trading Ltd, and it is also a department name of HAS Trading Ltd.

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Paint Protection Film System

HAS-PPF PPFs are all TPU based, self-healing, with 5-7 years warranty. It protects paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

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2 PPF(SEALs and HeroX), TPU raw film, paint protective coating(9H LIQUID BEAD), degreaser(PREP) and glass coating(WINDOWS).

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Latest Briefs

2nd Aug, 2018

Release new product: 9H LIQUID BEAD, PREP, and WINDOWS.

27th Jul, 2018

Release new product: theTPU film, part # TPU-PG1.

1st Jul, 2018

Stop producing "HAS-PPF Xyz01".

2nd Apr, 2018

HAS Trading developed a new Customized Embossing Service that can put client's own logo or pattern on the PPF.

29th Jan, 2018

2 new products "HAS-PPF SEALs" and "HAS-PPF HeroX" came out, and ready to be distributed.

2nd Dec, 2017

Developed the first product "HAS-PPF Xyz01" in lab.

27th Sep, 2017

HAS Trading acquired a local Guang Zhou factory to mass produce PPF.

15th May, 2017

HAS Trading set up the PPF department to develop Paint Protection Film solutions.