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What Is Our Customized Embossing Service?

Let's start the expalination with a real story...HAS-PPF gets its own business on two markets. One is selling HAS-PPF branded films, and the other one is OEM manufacturing films for clients. And this story happened on the OEM market.

Our OEM business is doubling down as HAS-PPF branded films are sold more and more. One day, we met a client. After we offered our premium-quality-low-cost term, the client just responded as "We can get a box with our name printed on it anywhere". Yes, what the client stated makes lots of sense, and make us think that what is the thing that can make us different and let us win the competition from other companies?

"a box with our name printed on it" sounds like a white labeling product, and it is actually just a repack. What if we not only put our client's name on the packing box? What if we put our client's name on the film? What if we can put our client's logo on the film? This is the kind of service that other big companies won't do for any client! And what if we make it happened to our clients?

Here begins our Customized Embossing Service!

How It Works?

1. After negotiation with the price and term, client sends us the design of the pattern.

2. We makes the special cooling roller for client by casting client's pattern to the surface of the cooling roller.

3. When the TPU film comes from the extruder, the cooling roller embosses the pattern to the film straightforward. And below is the process diagram.

After the TPU Film Production Process, it goes to the PSA Coating Process.

Who Should Probably Buy This Service?

This is a value-added service for high-end clients. The clients who want to put their own letters on the map should be ready for the tooling fee.