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Our Paint Protection Film

HAS-PPF is a TPU film applied to painted surfaces of a car to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. Our film is optical clear, self-healing, scratch resistant and self cleaning and developed for maxium 7-years protection.

Our film will greatly protect the car from physical damage and is even able to be installed accurately to complex-shaped car parts. The material used for the film is high-transmittance polymer polyurethane, which has high transparency and excellent elasticity. The film can be stretched to a maximum of four times more than the original size, and will shrink back to the original size. Thanks to its product features that it can both “stretch” and “shrink”, we are able to adjust and install the film to various complex shapes of cars.

Our Film Structure

Our Product & Service System

>Production Line and Inspection

>Development Lab

Our lab is developing new products all the time, never stop! Below is the testing result comparing HAS-PPF Xyz01 with some other trendy films in the market. For detail of the testing result, please contact Email: ppf@hastrading.biz

>Installation Guide

You can download our Installation Guide here

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If you require further datasheets or for any technique question, send us an email at ppf@hastrading.biz