We are a world leading solar energy company.

We manufacture solar panels, assemble solar applications, and integrate solar power systems!

Solar Module Building

Our solar module production capability is around 3MW monthly, and supply more than 25MW of high-efficiency solar modules worldwide yearly, including flexible panels.

Solar Application Assembly

We have 3 lines to assemble applications, products including solar lights, solar pumps, solar chargers, solar fans, and etc..

Solar System Integration

We supply both on-grid and off-grid solar energy generating systems. At the same time, our software engineering team is developing our solar power tracking platform, and it will be released at end of this year.

PCB Assembly

3 SMT lines supplying circuit boards for our panels, inverters, charging controller, applications, and our in-developing system.

PV Module Price Forecast

We update our PUBLIC solar module price monthly. You can download our Brochure to see the update. Contact us Immediately for discounts.

Sourcing in China

We are sourcing parts (LEDs, batteries, plastic parts, and etc..) in China for our own products.

At them same time, we also provide Premium Sourcing Serives to clients. If you are interested, click HERE to find out more.


We provide fast, accurate solar-plus-storage designs and help you customize your own solar products. Whether you’re a high volume installation company or just starting in the solar applications, we are your reliable solar product design and engineering partner. Our service covers from residential, commercial, utility, energy storage, to applications.


This is our Key business! We not only manufacture plants, but also offer OEMs. 3MW monthly production capability, 3 assembly lines, and 3 SMT lines are our manufacturing foundations. High quality, high efficiency, and high power comes to mind when you think of HAS Solar. Our products are built two times tougher than industry standards.


We not only source parts for ourselves, but also help clients source in China. We have developed a step-by-step service model that will put you on the trajectory to success. We offer specialized, high-quality China sourcing services to overseas firms and entrepreneurs.

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We manufacture solar panels, assemble solar applications, and integrate solar power systems!