Member of HAS Trading Family, and focus on boxes & labels. HAS Packing

Our Rule #1 Quality Customer Service

HAS Packing makes boxes, bags, labels, and plastic cups. We know what it takes to get you the packing you need, when you need them. Customer service isn’t a department at HAS Packaging, but interwoven into everything we do!


Our Promise Quality

“Quality means doing it right when no one’s looking.” –Henry Ford

We don’t believe that quality should be given to select customers or in special circumstances. We proactively develop ways to improve our quality, and this process starts with our staff. Our team is experienced, dedicated, and takes pride in producing the best possible product. We make sure to get your order correct, shipped on time and with a positive attitude. We value quality because we value our customers.

我們絕對不認同只對大客戶或者只在大訂單下才重視並把控產品質量。 我們從員工開始就致力於探索提高產品質量的方法。 我們的團隊經驗豐富而且敬業,並以生產出最好的產品而感到自豪。 對於每個訂單,我們絕對確保質量過關,並且準時發貨。 我們重視質量,因為我們重視客戶。