Member of HAS Trading Family, and focus on boxes & labels. HAS Packing

Boxes, labels, and plastic cups. About HAS Packing

In September 2016, HAS Trading Ltd set up its own solar panel factory in Dong Guan (China) to manufacture solar panels, solar applications, and solar systems. At the same time, HAS Trading Ltd set up its packing department to supply itself boxes and labels.

As the blooming of solar panel business, the packing department expanded. In November 2017, the packing department was seperated into HAS Packing and started to manufacture for other customers.

In later 2018, HAS Packing started to supply Hong Kong brewery industrial with beer cartons, labels, barrel collars, and plastic cups.

Nowadays, HAS Packing is continuing supplying its customers...

關於我們的工廠:2016年我們的總公司(HAS Trading Ltd)設立了一個包裝部門,為太陽能板產品提供紙箱以及標籤。隨著太陽板產品的熱賣,2017年11月中,當時的包裝部門被獨立出來,並成為如今的HAS Packing,且對外營業。2018年,我們開始為香港的釀酒行業提供包裝產品,包括啤酒紙箱、標籤、啤酒桶領標籤、以及膠杯。如今我們工廠仍提供最優質的產品給廣大客戶!